2638158 Ontario Inc. & 93967-1931 Quebec Inc
Terms and Conditions

Company details
2638158 Ontario Inc.
5732 Hwy 7 Unit 24
Woodbridge, ON
L4L 3A2
Email: info@valair.io
Tel: 1-866-VALAIR-0
Mob: 437-227-3900

  1. Definitions:
  • The “company” refers to 2638158 Ontario Inc. (Company registered in Ontario and Quebec with the company number 93967-1931 Quebec Inc) operating as Valair.
  • The “customer” refers to the individual or persons that are proposing to use or using the services of the company.
  • The “booking” refers to the specific services the customer has purchased.
  • The “departure date” refers to the date of the customer’s outward flight from Specified Airport in Canada.
  • “We” refers to the company.
  • “Our representative” refers to the employees of the company.
  1. Bookings
  • All bookings are finalized once payment has successfully been received by a Valair Agents by ourselves and a booking reference number has been issued. At this point, the customer is fully bound by our Terms & conditions.
  • Bookings made over the telephone are finalized once our representative has confirmed payment has been received and booking reference has been issued.
  • We reserve the right to cancel bookings if we are unable to fulfill our duty to you. Full refund will be given – see refunds for more information.
  • It is imperative we are given the correct contact details from all our customers. Communication is needed to ensure we fulfill our duty to you therefore we accept no liability for consequential loss or losses arising from inaccurate customer information in the form of dates, times, flight numbers and terminal given to us at time of booking.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer that they ensure they’ve read, received and understood all the information laid out in the confirmation email. We advise all of our customers to bring with them a print out of the booking confirmation and parking instructions.
  • We attempt to conduct all our drop offs in a timely way however, there are occasions where there will be delays due to factors that are outside of our control. Consequently, we do not accept liability for delays due to road closures, heavy congestion, delayed flights, road accidents, security alerts, luggage and immigration delays and severe weather.
  1. Payments 
  • Extra days will be charged at regular price per day (depending on each city the price Varies) and will be payable to the company prior to the vehicle being delivered.
  • Full payments for the booking is due prior to the company providing their service to you.
  • We calculate our days based on the time the vehicle is dropped off with us-for example if Vehicle is dropped off at Monday at 5 AM- hours between 05:00 AMto Tuesday 05:00 AM is counted as 1 day. Therefore, if the customer’s return time overlaps into several hours after 5 AM from the initial booking date the customer has paid for, there will be a charge for the additional day***Respective to each city.
  1. Cancellations
  • Bookings may be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to departure date for which customers can claim back the booking fee less $25.00 administration cost.
  • Bookings can still be cancelled less than 24 hours prior to departure date, however, no refunds will be given.
  • No refunds will be given for non-use of our service if we are not notified more than 24 hours before departure date.
  • If a customer would like to curtail the length of their stay, they will be liable to pay for the whole cost of the booking. No partial refunds and/or credit will be given to the customer.
  • Amendments to bookings need to emailed to us at info@valair.io. Extra days are charged per day***Respective to each city.
  1. Company Liabilities
  • Valair representatives are comprehensively insured to drive and operate customer vehicles. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the vehicle is in accordance with all other driving regulations.
  • Moveable items left in customer’s cars are done so entirely at their own risk and the company accepts no liability for such items.
  • The company accepts no liability for damages unless it fulfills the following criteria:

1) The customer must notify the valet driver that returns their vehicle of the damage before they exit the car park.

2) Photographic evidence of vehicle condition at drop off must be provided.

3) Email outlining damage and including photographic evidence must be sent to info@valair.io at which point a member of our customer service team will contact you about your claim.

  • The company accepts no liability for electrical, mechanical and structural malfunctions of your vehicle while its parked with us.
  • The company accepts no liability for loss of moveable items unless proved to have been caused by the negligence of our representatives.
  • The company accepts no liability for damage to keys or faulty key fobs. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure we are given a fully functioning key and the event vehicles not starting, the company reserves the right to charge for our time.
  • During busy periods and/or for extended bookings, the company reserves the right to park customer vehicles at one of our secondary parking lots.
  1. Exclusions and Limits of the Company’s responsibility: 
  • The internal condition of the vehicle is not inspected and therefore the company accepts no liability for any damages.
  • The company accepts no liability for any scratches, dents and paintwork discoloration unless the alleged value of the damage exceeds $1000.
  • The company accepts no liability where the customer has a roof-rack fitted and does not meet the car park height restrictions. No refunds will be authorized unless it is evident the customer has made a written request to alter the vehicle collection location.
  • The company will not be liable for missed flights, charges incurred and loss of work as a direct or indirect consequence of our service.
  • The company will endeavor to conduct all vehicle drop offs and collections within a 45minute time frame depending on exogenous factors such as traffic conditions and weather.