How does Valair’s airport valet parking service work?

Click on the “Book Online” button seen on the top right corner and fill out the requested information. Wait for a confirmation back from the Valair customer care team. Be sure to read the email confirmation, as it contains the address and directions to our premium parking lot.

What is valet to terminal?

On the day of your airport parking reservation, please call 30 minutes ahead of your arrival at the parking lot. One of our professional valet representatives will meet you at the airport parking site and drive you in your own vehicle to the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport.

What if I have no room for a Valair driver?

If you don’t have room for a Valair driver, you may arrange for our airport shuttle service. Arrangements must be made in advance, and additional charges apply with a one-time $20 shuttle bus fee.

What do I need to bring with me on the day of my valet reservation?

An electronic or paper-based copy of your valet parking reservation must be presented to a Valair agent on the day of departure.

Can I pay directly at the parking site on the day of my valet reservation?

No. All invoices must be paid in full prior to your reservation date. If payment is not received, your valet reservation will not be honoured.

How far is the distance from the parking site to the airport?

Our valet parking site is a two-minute drive to the airport.

What number do I use to contact Valair?

Please call our valet representatives at 1-855-VALAIR-0 (1-855-825-2470) if you have any questions or concerns about your reservation. Please note that this line is dedicated for pick-up and drop-off only.

How do I notify Valair upon on my arrival at the airport?

You are required to contact Valair twice upon arrival. As soon as your plane lands, please call 1-855-VALAIR-0 (1-855-825-2470) to inform one of our valet agents that you’ve safely landed. Once you’ve picked up your luggage, please call 1-855-VALAIR-0 (1-855-825-2470) to arrange to be picked up from the airport.

What is the drop-off process?

A Valair agent will pick you up from the airport upon your arrival, and you will be required to drop the agent back off at our valet parking site (a two-minute drive from the airport). Then, you can be on your way home!

Who do I contact for customer service issues?

For any inquiries about our airport valet parking services, as well as questions or concerns regarding valet parking reservations, please send an email to, and a Valair customer service agent will follow up within 48 hours.

How do I cancel my valet parking reservation or make changes to my existing reservations?

You can modify or cancel your valet parking reservation up to 24 hours prior to the start time of your service. Valair will provide a full credit to your account, which has no expiration date and is transferable toward your future airport parking reservations. Any cancellation processed less than 24 hours prior to your reservation time will be subject to a credit less 25% of the total amount. To modify or cancel a reservation, please send us an email at ““.

How is the length of stay calculated by Valair ?

We calculate our days based on the time the vehicle is dropped off with us on the day of your departure. For example, if your departure date is January 1 at 5:00 a.m., your one-day coverage is calculated from January 1 at 5:00 a.m. to January 2 at 5:00 a.m.

What if my flight is delayed by additional hours or days?

Please notify us immediately by sending an email to “” with the new arrival details. Please be advised that you will be sent an invoice to cover the cost of additional days or delays. The invoice must be paid prior to your vehicle being released back to you.

Why do I get charged a full day for time I stay past my reservation when I was only delayed by few hours?

If you stay beyond your airport parking reservation, the charges are determined based on the hourly rate ($10.00 + tax). When the number of hours you were delayed surpasses the daily rate, you are charged the late fee rate of $13.99 + applicable taxes.

I have made my reservation and will not be parking as long as anticipated. Will I receive a refund or can I carry these days forward?

No refund will be issued for unused days when you reserve airport valet parking with us. Unfortunately, the unused days are not transferable.

What happens if my car battery dies?

Our valet agents offer complimentary booster packs for your aid.

What other valet services does Valair offer?

We offer wide range of valet services, from car care packages to pet care accommodations. Click here to learn about our valet car washes and car detailing services, or send us an email to get more information on our available offers.

If you have any further questions about our airport valet parking service, contact us and we will be happy to help!