Hamilton Airport Parking

A new concept in parking is taking shape at John C Munro Hamilton International Airport. Premium Valet Parking offered by Valair. This takes airport parking to a whole new level of convenience. You simply make a reservation online, giving details of your departure and arrival information and show up on the departure date at their parking lot / office, which is just 2 mints away from the airport.

A Valair representative would then drive you in your own vehicle to the airport. Unlike other valet services where you have to unload your luggage and board a shuttle bus to the terminal, with Valair’s service you don’t do anything. You unload your luggage right at the airport (the Valair rep would be always happy to help with this)  and head right into the terminal. The Valair personal would then drive your vehicle to their safe and secure parking lot which is a 2 minute drive from the Airport.

On your return date and time, the Valair representative would drive back your vehicle to the  terminal, meet you and load your luggage, drive back to the office, and you simply get in and drive away. Valair also offers Detailing and Car Wash services for you to have a clean and shiny vehicle to come to.

Valair is licensed by John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport and is fully insured. The operation is 24 x 7. So no matter when you depart or arrive from the Airport, a Valair representative would always be there. Now, that’s convenience!

So, no more having to drive around in circles trying to find a parking spot. And no more having to drag luggage through the parking lot. Valair makes airport parking at Hamilton International Airport a breeze. Fast, convenient and affordable – That’s the Valair difference.

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